Doggie Daycare

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Doggie Daycare

Our Furry Guests just Love Our Doggie Playland!

Hubble at play

Watch the Dogs Play in the Video Below!

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Your Furry Family member can expect a day rich with exercise and attention, filled with interaction and play with dogs of all ages. Our Play Groups are always supervised by one of us.

Our Supervised Daylong Doggie Playgroups are divided to place "Furry Guests" of similar size and/or personality together. Playtime is ALWAYS supervised, "down time" is provided, and great care is taken to provide breed specific attention. Our play groups are cared for by one of us at ALL TIMES. Safety and Fun are TOP Priority! Our play times are always staff supervised however, dogs do play with their mouths and paws, so nicks and cuts can happen. If your dog gets hurt or sick and we determine a veterinarian is needed, we will call you first but if we are unable to reach you we will act in the best interest of your furry kid. All fees will be passed on to the owner at pick up time. All guests are screened for Safety and comfort. All New Boarding guests are screened before their first boarding date. Please call to schedule your pups interview. Thanks!



  • A full day of exercise and play
  • Loads of loving Care and Attention
  • Interaction with other dogs to build positive social behavior and increase social skills
  • Increased confidence and agility
  • Stress relief and alleviation of boredom by playing with other dogs
  • Good behavior and manners are promoted using positive reinforcement.
  • Peace of mind that your dog is safe and happy while you are at work
  • No guilt leaving your dog in the evening while you go out as s/he will be exhausted from a full day of play at Doggie Daycare
  • *Baths are discounted for Guests attending DayCare. Applies to DayCare dates only, not boarding dates. Due to the high demand, ALL BATHS MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE. Thanks!


  • Supervision of Indoor/Outdoor Group Play
  • Good behavior and manners are encouraged with positive reinforcement.
  • swimming in the kiddy pools, or just lounging around in the Hound Playground
  • Nap and Biscuit Break
  • Socialization with other dogs
  • Lots of Fun, Love, and Attention

The physical and mental health of your dog is our top priority. We accept a limited number of dogs, soft music plays continuously ensuring that your dog has a pleasurable, stress free and FUN stay.

Don't Forget to Schedule an Exit Bath!

Stone Napping after DayCare
Above is a picture of Stone after a day of Doggie DayCare

Daycare Enrollment Requirements:

Dogs are supervised closely, good behavior and manners between the dogs are
encouraged, and the environment in which the dogs interact is always highly controlled and managed.

  To ensure the safety of every one in our Doggie Daycare Center family the following criteria are required...

DayCare packages are available, see the hours and rates page for details. Thanks.

  • Age
    We do take puppies as long as they are current on all vaccines including the rabies vaccine
  • Female Guests must be spayed by 6 months old. We DO NOT accept un-spayed female guests over 6 months old.
  • We are no longer accepting Un-Neutered Male Guests over 12 months old and NO excessive humpers or markers. Excessive humping can cause dog fights and we do our best to promote a clean, healthy, and stress free environment for all our Guests. Thanks!
  • All guests are screened for Safety. All Boarding guests are also screened before their boarding date. Please call to schedule your pups interview. Thanks!
  • All Guests must be current on the following vaccinations, titers are not accepted:
    • Vaccinations: All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations, and Veterinary documentation is required prior to the first day of day care and boarding.
      • -Rabies -as required by law
      • -Distemper (DHPP)
      • -Bordetella (Canine Cough) -every 6 months. A minimum 3 day grace period is REQUIRED after administered for boarding or DayCare.
      • If your dog is receiving the Bordetella vaccine for the first time, a minimum grace period of 10 days is required before Boarding or DayCare.
      • We highly recommend both the Canine Influenza vaccine and Leptospirosis vaccines though they are not required. Check with your veterinarian.

Proof of vaccination is required prior to the first day of daycare and boarding.


    To schedule, please call (508) 478-6390

    We look forward to hearing from you!