Doggie Daycare

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Please let us know if you have ANY questions. We absolutely look forward to speaking with you!

Policies are subject to change without notice. Thank you.

Don't Forget to Schedule an Exit Bath!

Here at PAWS we promote a family environment and want our guests to be happy and comfortable. We do our very best to ensure that all of our guests are happy and we keep the parents of our furry guests update on their progress if anything is out of sorts. In an effort to provide the best vacation experience for your furry family member, we require that all of our new guests come for a routine screening. Our plan for this is to have your pup come for a day, or a few days of doggie daycare, and maybe even an overnight, so that they see how much fun, and how comfortable, it is at our quiet little Doggie Inn. We will discuss this with you when you make your first reservation.

If your pup has never been boarded anywhere before, we require an overnight experience to make sure they are comfortable spending the night away from home. We like to ensure a restful night sleep for all guests staying with us.

For the safety of all our guests, all dogs must be current on their Rabies, DHPP(Distemper), and Bordetella. Some veterinarians do not give the Bordetella/Kennel Cough vaccine during a routine exam until it is requested by the owner.

  • All Guests must be current on the following vaccinations, titers are not accepted:
    • Rabies -as REQUIRED by law. NO Titers accepted
    • Distemper Booster (DHPP or DHLPP)
    • Bordetella (Canine Cough) - every 6 months. A minimum 2-10 day grace period is REQUIRED after administration for boarding and/or DayCare.
    • If your dog is receiving the Bordetella vaccine for the first time, a minimum grace period of 10 days is required before Boarding or DayCare. We highly recommend the Leptospirosis vaccines though it is not required. Check with your veterinarian.
    • Canine Influenza vaccine. We are transitioning over to the Canine Flu vaccine as a required vaccine. Please proceed as if it is already required. Please start the vaccine as soon as possible. We undertand that it will take time to update your pups vaccines to add this new vaccine, so it will not prevent your furry kid from immediate boarding or daycare, but again start it ASAP. We have informed the local veterinarians that it is a required vaccine. Please discuss starting the vaccine ASAP with your veterinary office. Thanks
    • Please have your Furry Kids Stool checked Annually. We want to be sure that all our guests are clear of any internal parasites that could be passed onto their play mates.
    • All Guests MUST be interviewed to insure that they play well with all of our guests.
    • Proof of vaccination is required prior to the first day of daycare and boarding.

    We do want your pet's vaccination records faxed, emailed, or mailed to us in advance - Fax: (508) 478-6391 so that we can verify that all of the vaccinations are current and up to date well in advance of your reservation.

If your furry family member has been exposed to "Canine Cough" or you hear of a furry playmate that has picked up a "cold", please inform us before making any reservations. We do require a 3 week waiting period if your furry family member has been exposed to any sick friends. Thanks for helping us keep our guests healthy!

All guests must be on a form of flea and tick preventative. Topic flea treatments are our preferred choice. Please inform us as to which preventative your pup receives. Any guest admitted with fleas will be treated at an additional charge to the owner. We DO NOT allow flea collars due to the dangers during group play.

Female Guests must be spayed by 6 months old. We DO NOT accept un-spayed females over 6 months old.

We are no longer accepting Un-Neutered Male Guests over 12 months old and NO excessive humpers or markers. Excessive humping can cause dog fights and we do our best to promote a clean, healthy, and stress free environment for all our Guests. Thanks!

A signed agreement is required for all guests.

All NON-HOLIDAY/NON-PEAK cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance to avoid charges (1/2 the total stay). Kindly give 48 hours notice. Inclement weather, death of family or friends, and storms do not void the cancelation policy. Thanks

We require a minimum 3 Day boarding stay for the July 4th Independence Day Holiday

For HOLIDAY/SCHOOL VACATION/PEAK VACATION PERIODS-WEEKS, scheduled for our kennel/Doggie Hotel, Cancellations and Changes MUST be made 10 (Ten) days in advance. 1/2 the total stay will be charged for late cancellations and you are responsible for "shortened reservations" during these peak times.

Inclement weather, death of family or friends, and storms do not void the holiday cancelation policy. To guarantee a spot please make your reservation in advance. Please inquire about peak times.

Unpaid balances are subject to both a $25.00 processing fee and a 2% billing fee at each billing cycle. A $25.00 fee is applied to returned checks.  Thank you.

If your pup is currently on ANY medication, we ask that you notify us in advance of your pets stay. It is necessary that you let us know what medication is being administered and WHY your dog is currently taking medications. If your pet receives medication please provide "Pill Pockets" or their equivalent. Please avoid peanut butter, butter, or messy stuff, cheese and break are ok. We reserve the right to speak with your veterinarian regarding the health of your dog.

ANY and ALL refrigerated foods MUST be PRE-SEPARATED into individual meals, either bagged or into separate containers for FOOD HEALTH SAFETY.

We DO NOT ACCEPT RAW diets or Homemade diets due to FOOD HEALTH SAFETY. We DO ACCEPT small additions of chicken, cheese, etc.

Please: No RAW/Un-cooked diets- due to the possible spread of salmonella and other bacteria. RAW diets are NOT recommended by the FDA or the American Veterinary Medical Association. Fact: Dogs fed RAW diets are not permitted into programs that visit children or the elderly due to the "higher than normal bacteria they shed -mostly in their feces". Thanks!


The full boarding fee DOES APPLY to the day or evening of drop off, just like a hotel, whether dropped off in am or pm.

No charge for the last day, if you make the morning "Checkout" ... just like a hotel!

"Checkout" between 10am-11am on Sundays.

No Charge for the day of "check out" if groomed on that day, Mon-Sat. Due to High demand, ALL BATHS MUST BE scheduled in ADVANCE.

**Multi-Dog rate DOES NOT apply if guests must be separated OVERNIGHT for meals.

**Day Care Packages are not valid for payment of boarding, grooming or for payment of any other charge.


What should my dog bring?

You are welcome to bring your own food and Special arrangements can be discussed if your pet is on a special diet. We do recommend that you bring his/her own food to help eliminate the possibility of digestive upset when your pet returns home with you. Most cases of diarrhea we encounter are directly link to an abrupt food change.

We DO NOT ACCEPT RAW diets or Homemade diets due to FOOD HEALTH SAFETY.

Food: all food must labeled with your pets first and last name as well as serving amount. Thanks

ANY and ALL refrigerated foods MUST be PRE-SEPARATED into individual meals, either bagged or into separate containers for FOOD HEALTH SAFETY. Not Required for Kibble Diet.

We DO NOT ACCEPT RAW diets or Homemade diets due to FOOD HEALTH SAFETY.

Personal items:  It is difficult to keep track of your pups personal toys and items so there is a 3 item total limit. All toys and blankets MUST be labeled with your pups first and last name. We do withhold the toys if you pup plans to eat it  :) or if your pups scuffle over toys.

We are NOT responsible for lost or destroyed personal items :)

We do not accept personal beds. We supply ALL of our guests with raised beds and comfortable bedding.


How will my dog spend his/her day?

Our days are spent in off leash play, feeding time, and down/nap time. Though we are a kennel, we are not a traditional kennel. We consider ourselves a fun relaxing place where dogs enjoy the day and then retire to a beautiful spot with comfortable beds, set up in a lodge like atmosphere with soothing music to listen to while they sleep. Please call ahead to schedule your pups interview.


How much play time will my dog receive?

Our goal is to provide your dog with an ample, but healthy and reasonable amount of daily exercise and stimulus.  Our typical day is 4-8 hours of playtime for most guests.
Each dog and breed is different and we recognize this. An appropriate exercise regimen will be determined for your dog.


Can I visit before my dog comes to visit?

YES! You are welcome to schedule a tour BEFORE deciding to board your family member with us. Please contact us to schedule a visit. We do not give tours during "check in" or "check out". We do not give tours during Holiday and Peak vacation times, or the months of June, July and August. Our main purpose it to provide excellent care and fun to our guests and unscheduled tours interrupt this care. Thank you.

Why Do You Schedule Tours in Advance?

Our main focus in on the wonderful furry guests in our care. To provide a tour and promote our GREAT place, we have to focus our attention to our human visitors and this takes away from the attention we are giving to our furry guests. Many places are trying to get as many people through their doors as possible and that can lead to less than great personal care for the pups. We are a small and personal operation and we are very selective about the furry ones that come to stay with us. We want to be sure that they all play together safely and that they are happy overnight. We are not in the business of getting everyone through our doors and the “Drop the dog at the kennel” is not a situation we promote. Your pups vacation with us is meant to be a fun and enjoyable stay and we do fill up in advance so don't hesitate to book your pups reservation in advance. We tend to be the first place to fill up.

Tours at all hours and all times can also be very disruptive to the pups currently napping or playing. This can be very stressful to some pups and overly exciting to others, making for a very loud and uncomfortable environment- kind of like your typical kennel situation. We find it best to limit our tour schedule so that we provide the best and healthiest care to our guests. We do NOT do tours during "Peak Times", or holidays, or holiday weekends. Our Doggie Hotel tends to be a super fun and quiet place. Can you imagine how you would feel if people were constantly coming and going while you were resting or playing on your vacation! It would make for a less than enjoyable vacation experience.


Our Food or Yours??

Many Clients ask us about bringing their own food for their pup’s stay with us *We welcome and encourage it!

During any visit to our Doggie Guest House, if you would like to bring your pup’s own diet, we are more than happy to accommodate. There is no additional charge for feeding your pup’s personal diet. If we have to cook and prepare a special diet due to diarrhea, there IS an additional charge per meal.

One of the possible side effects of making a sudden change to your pup’s normal diet is the possibility of bowel changes, or diarrhea. Because foods may be different from your pup’s normal diet, an abrupt change in diet, coupled with the excitement of playing and boarding, can in some instances create mild colitis in some guests. If we have to cook and prepare a special diet, there IS an additional charge per meal.

Please: No RAW/Un-cooked diets- due to the possible spread of salmonella and other bacteria. RAW diets are NOT recommended by the FDA or the American Veterinary Medical Association. Fact: Dogs fed RAW diets are not permitted into programs that visit children or the elderly due to the "higher than normal bacteria they shed -mostly in their feces". Thanks!

ANY and ALL refrigerated foods MUST be PRE-SEPARATED into individual meals, either bagged or into separate containers for FOOD HEALTH SAFETY.

We DO NOT ACCEPT RAW diets or Homemade diets due to FOOD HEALTH SAFETY.

Many clients feel that because their pup is boarding they need to feed extra food, we call it the “guilt feeding”. You should measure your pup’s food into a common 8 oz. standard kitchen cup to determine the amount of food you are giving per meal. We use a common 8 oz. standard kitchen measuring cup to measure our feedings and therefore can continue your pup’s feeding quantity without change. You are more than welcome to separate each meal into individual bags, but not required.

Dietary Changes

While diarrhea is uncommon, it does occur. Our facility is cleaned and disinfected daily. In addition, each guest’s bowls are cleaned regularly. Also, throughout the day our Guest Suites are disinfected. If you consult the Merck Veterinary Manual all the suggested “prevention for diarrhea” is established, routine daily procedures are encompassed in our daily care.

While diarrhea is an uncommon and dreaded problem, we are aware that there could be problems in some guests while they are boarded and after they return home. We rely on feedback from our clients, and from local veterinarians, to make us aware of any problems which might occur such as diarrhea. A type of diarrhea which we see most commonly results from guests which receive a sudden dietary change, a switch from their own regular diet to our in house diet. This type of bowel change usually manifests itself within 1 to 4 days from the start of boarding. If this does occur you will be REQUIRED to provide your pups own regular diet at their next visit.

If this is noticed during boarding you will be informed at the time of checkout advising you of problems observed during your pet’s stay. In addition your veterinarian should be contacted for his/her advice and suggested treatment. Normal FIRST AID treatment for diarrhea is to restrict the diet for 12-24 hours, administer anti-diarrheal medication, and feed a bland diet of rice and boiled ground beef or chicken.

There are several methods to avoid an occurrence of this problem. First and foremost, I suggest that you bring your pup’s normal diet along and have us feed it. We have found over the years that a very high proportion of dietary bowel changes are eliminated by simply not forcing a change of diet. If changing your pup’s diet, it is recommended that this be done before their visit and gradually. Our “House Diet” is also available for purchase here at our kennel. Unfortunately, guests who do not have a similar diet at home could be subjected to bowel changes if not done gradually.

What if my dog gets sick while at PAWS?

  • Although it rarely occurs, we are experienced at recognizing illness. If this is the case we will contact you or your emergency contact to discuss options, and seek a veterinarian whenever necessary.

Why is my dog thirsty when he or she first gets home?

  • Even though all of our guests are provided with water 24 hours a day they will often seem thirsty when they first get home. This is not uncommon and is caused by the excitement and anxiety of being reunited with their owner. It is best to limit their water intake for the first hour after arriving home until they settle down.

Why is my dog so tired when he or she gets home?

  • Are you tired when you get home from vacation? It’s no different for your pet! After spending time in a different bed and a different environment, having lots of fun, we’re all tired and in a day or two we are all back to our old selves again. It is never a bad idea to consult with your veterinarian.


Cancellation Policy

Kindly give at least 48 hours notice for a NON-HOLIDAY sleepover cancellation. Failing to cancel within the proper time frame will result in a 50% cancelation fee.

During holiday and school vacation stays, we employ a 10 day cancellation policy. Failing to cancel within the proper timeframe for a holiday overnight stay will result in a cancellation fee.

Inclement weather, death of family or friends, acts of god, and storms do not void the cancelation policy. Thanks


We are more than happy to accommodate your reservation request and value your business!  Please remember that we are holding your reservation request pending your pet's arrival.  Many times client's forget that our facilities are limited and that we become full.  When we reach our total occupancy capacity we have to refuse reservation requests and turn business away.  If you do not cancel your reservations in a timely manner (at least 10 days in advance for holidays and peak times) we are unable, in most instances, to re-book the space we have held for you.  This forces us to lose revenue. Thank you for your understanding and support!!