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We are veterinarian recommended.


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We offer the best in Pet Care service.






The P.A.W.S. Bed & Biscuit, a boarding & Doggie Day Care is known for its “first-rate care” of dogs provided by Daniel Antonellis and Marianne Antonellis. Clients regularly refer to each of them as “part of the family.”


Daniel entered the veterinary field in 1993 and is a Certified Veterinary Technician. He is also a professional Canine Behavior Consultant and graduate of Animal Behavior College.  He has vast experience in both the canine behavior and veterinary field.  Formerly, he was a supervisor in a high volume surgery department, completing years in emergency medicine and general practice to 5 years managing a veterinary hospital that also serviced exotics.

Daniel's lives at his home on site caring for all the furry guests.


Marianne works making sure all of the doggie guests are having a wonderful vacation at P.A.W.S.  Her love of animals started as a child, from owning chickens, hamsters, fish, cats and dogs and riding and caring for horses.  Each dog that bounces through the door has a special place in heart and she loves them as if they were her own.



The guests “play all day on a beautifully landscaped, hillside chalet with an emphasis on personal care.”  They offer more supervised group playtime than any other place around.  “We include Playtime while other places charge for extra for just 20 minutes to an hour.”  Playtime is always supervised and separate by size and safety, “down time” is provided, and great care is taken to provide breed specific attention. “Safety and fun are top priorities,” Marianne emphasized.


The Doggie Guest House has lots of natural sunlight and guests have their own large, outdoor patio to enjoy when not playing with their friends. Most of their stay will be spent playing with other furry friends in supervised group playtime. Guests are never left alone during playgroup.  Fresh bedding, comfortable raised beds, daily housekeeping, and lots of love and attention are provided.


Advanced Air Purification system, like you might find in a hospital, is also another positive feature.  According to the HVAC technician, “our air handler turns the air in our kennel over 17 times an hour!” The Germicidal ultraviolet produced by the Fresh-Aire UV System penetrates the cell walls of micro-organisms present in the air, either killing the cells or damaging them so they cannot reproduce.  “We have a super clean, homey environment.”


Pet owners are encouraged to bring their own food and there is no extra fee for this unless a special prep is involved. Medications will be given at no charge. Daniel is a veterinary technician of 22 years and a Certified Veterinary Technician in Massachusetts.


At night, they provide the latest night time bathroom break, later than any place, between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. so your little ones don’t have to cross their legs and stress all night waiting for the potty break.  They also provide night time movies, along with classic music during bedtime.  Older furry guests are equally cared for and P.A.W.S Bed & Biscuit is equipped “to attend to their special needs,” Daniel wanted readers to know.


Two, among many other satisfied customers, offered their stamp of approval.  “I trust that my pets will receive the best care in the hands of Daniel & Marianne. I recommend their services to everyone looking for the BEST in personal care for their pets,” said Dr. Stephen Dyer, a Veterinarian.  Robin Mosher commented, “Can't say enough good things about PAWS,  You have peace of mind when you travel knowing your dog is getting lots of playtime, and cared for in a top notch clean kennel.”