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Doggie Daycare

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Photo Gallery

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Front Sign


The picture above is the view from the Front Office of the kennel, at sunrise in late autumn.

The picture below is of the Front Office in late autumn.

Front Office

"Our Kennel is an extension of our home, we treat our furry guests like family."


Above is a picture of the inside of our kennel during the early evening. We have been told that it is the prettiest around.

As you see we went with a Tuscan yellow, all the beams have been stained a walnut, the lighting is on dimmers, we capped the tops of the suites with "Boston Style" brick, and notice the lovely ceiling fans.

We have both central heat and central air-conditioning. Due to the controversy about the possible dangers of radiant floor heat, to be safe we have opted NOT to go with that option.

All guests receive raised beds and are serenaded with soft music throughout their stay. Marianne and her mom have sewn individual blankets for all the guests.

We have put our hearts and souls into our beautiful kennel.


Each suites has its own 5X15 outdoor patio.

There is also separate boarding available in our home.

Our furry guests receive lots of love and biscuits. Classical

 music plays at all times to promote the soothing atmosphere

and they get to play all day!


We also offer Doggie DayCare!

Ella           Chloe

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