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COVID-19 – Should I Put My Pup in Daycare, Boarding or Training?

As COVID-19 concerns continue, many of you are concerned about the safety of your pets. We get that and we want to help put your mind at ease.

Can I Still Bring my Dog to Daycare, Boarding and/or Training?

Dog daycare, boarding and training is still a great idea for most dogs. Being stuck at home causes many dogs to lack stimulation, and opportunities to socialize with other dogs. Dogs can also feel the stress their owners are feeling and during these uncertain times they may pick up on the stress of the family, causing them to become more anxious.

While your dog is most likely happy to have you home more, they’re also likely to get bored or restless. And they may distract you from getting work done.

Due to this, keeping a regular schedule for your dog by bringing them to daycare or boarding can often alleviate this stress and allows them to interact with other dogs while getting their energy out! Further, this is a perfect time to have your dog trained (especially if you recently got a “quarantine puppy”) as they can be trained at PAWS and then you’ll have more time to reinforce the skills at home!

What is PAWS Bed & Biscuit Doing to Be Safe Against COVID-19?

We are currently offering:

  • Non-touch payment (through PayPal)
  • Curbside Pickup for your Pup
  • Continual sanitization of our inside and outdoor areas: The 256:1 Disinfectants we use at PAWS have been verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be effective against the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus.

Recently, we’ve participated in multiple COVID-19 safety classes to ensure we are the most prepared to provide a safe and reliable service for you.