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3 Practical Tips When Finding a Dog Boarding Kennel

Pets are often considered valued members of the family. It’s nice to see your dogs rush to the door, excited to greet you when you come home from work. They are loyal to the whole family, and they’ll do what it takes to protect you.

Despite the warmth and love that your dogs bring to the family, they do require a lot of care. You can’t whisk your significant other off on a weekend getaway without making provisions for your furry friend, too. Although there are quite a few places that are dog-friendly and are more than happy to accommodate your fur pal, there are more than discourage you from bringing pets. When you’re going on an extended vacation, it may be difficult to bring your dog—but you can’t leave them alone at home for days on end. Fortunately, there’s a solution: a dog boarding kennel.

Dog owners who are in need of someone to care for their furry friend can entrust their pets to professional dog-boarding kennels when they are away. Dog-boarding kennels serve as a place for your furry friend to receive food, water, supervision, and company.

When looking for a dog boarding kennel, here are three practical tips to guide your decision:

1. Do your research

Finding a highly reputable pet boarding is easier than it sounds. First off, conduct some research online to see the prospective kennels in your area. Second, you can browse some online neighborhood forums to see if there are any popular kennels around. You may even find that some people run at-home dog hotels and are willing to take care of your furry friends for a few days while you’re gone. Third, seek recommendations from friends, neighbors, and family members. Their opinion typically holds more weight as there’s a certain degree of trust with them!

That said, have a list of options, be highly critical on your decision, and select the right pet service provider for your dogs.

2. Conduct a site visit

As soon as you have a list of prospects, make your way to each one and inspect their facilities. The type of facility that a dog boarding kennel offers can make all the difference. First off, see the pet professionals who will be handling your dogs while you’re away for quite some time. Also, consider things such as exercise options for your dogs, in-house vet for medical emergencies, and the quality of food and water they’ll provide to your dogs. Furthermore, check if the facility is clean and well-ventilated.

It may take time to choose a boarding kennel that you’re comfortable with, but think of it this way—once you have a go-to, you’ll be more at ease each time you have to go away for a few days.

3. Make sure you’ve prepared your dog

Once you’ve made the final decision, prepare your furry friend before dropping them off to the dog boarding kennel. Chances are that your dog is very attached to you and will miss you when you’re gone. Consider leaving them with a little piece of home—a favorite toy, a blanket, or even a shirt. Finally, keep them clean, properly nourished, and give them a big hug before handing them up to their temporary carers.

Final words

There is a wide range of dog boarding kennels available in the market that will take good care of your fur pal while you’re away. But before you take the plunge, consider some of the valuable tips outlined above—do your research, conduct a site visit, and prepare your furry friend for their time away.

If you’re looking for a dog boarding kennel Central Massachusetts, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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