Boarding Hotel

The #1 Destination for Your Dog
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Our Environment

We offer your pet the serenity and comfort of a beautifully landscaped, hillside chalet with an emphasis on personal care. It’s truly the prettiest place around and it’s in a warm and quiet environment. 

We have a super clean, homey environment! We use a safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable disinfectant. This is the best for killing pathogens, including those missed by most targeted disinfectants. Specifically, it targets parvovirus, bordetella, giardia, calicivirus, ecoli. In addition, it also kills and prevents the growth of algae and mold.  It is safe for direct contact immediately after application, without any chemical burns like bleach and other harsh commercial disinfectants.

Around-the-clock soothing stereo plays as part of our serene atmosphere. For additional comfort, we provide dimmable lighting. We are a far cry from the loud, large, cold atmospheres you may encounter. Don’t let your furry f1amily member get lost with those big places or the foreign franchises. Our emphasis is on comfort and care.


Our Guests PLAY ALL DAY. We give more supervised group playtime than ANY place around.  Unlike other places, we INCLUDE PLAYTIME. In contrast, other places charge extra for just 20-60 minutes of group playtime. In some cases, you find this out last minute when they hand you the bill, or th