A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog
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Grooming Services & Rates

Grooming Services are available to guests that are here attending Doggie Daycare, Our Luxury Boarding, and Training

Ask us about Blueberry Facials!

Add a Blueberry Facial to your furry kid’s bubble bath for the ultimate pampering experience! This tear-less and lick-safe facial is gentle on eyes, brightens coat color, is delicious smelling and is rich in Vitamins A, D & E! It uses Blueberries, Avocado, Coconut Oil and Aloe to smooth the skin on the face and leaves it soft and kissable! All this for just $5 when you book a bubble bath!

Our bubble bath applies gentle warm cleansing water, massaging and invigorating the skin while it deep cleans the coat to wash away any unpleasant odors and dirt. At the same time, we keep your pet calm and relaxed throughout the bath. Your furry kid will enjoy a gentle ear cleaning, nail trimming, fluff and dry leaving your pet cleaner and healthier than ever.
Prices depend on breed and coat condition.

  • Standard nail trims are included with each bath
  • Minor Ear cleaning is included with each bath
  • De-shedding and other grooming services are additional upon request. Thanks!


Standard Bubble Bath

Includes: Shampoo