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Why Tours in Advance or Virtual Tours?

Our main focus is on the wonderful furry guests in our care. To provide a tour and promote our GREAT place, we have to focus our attention to our human visitors and this takes away from the attention we are giving to our furry guests. Many places are trying to get as many people through their doors as possible and that can lead to less than great personal care for the pups. We are a small and personal operation and we are very selective about the furry ones that come to stay with us. We want to be sure that they all play together safely and that they are happy overnight. We are not in the business of getting everyone through our doors and the “Drop the dog at the kennel” is not a situation we promote. Your pups vacation with us is meant to be a fun and enjoyable stay and we do fill up in advance so don’t hesitate to book your pups reservation in advance. We tend to be the first place to fill up. Tours at all hours and all times can also be very disruptive to the pups currently napping or playing. This can be very stressful to some pups and overly exciting to others, making for a very loud and uncomfortable environment- kind of like your typical kennel situation. We find it best to limit our tour schedule so that we provide the best and healthiest care to our guests. We do NOT do tours during “Peak Times”, or holidays, or holiday weekends. 

Our Doggie Hotel tends to be a super fun and quiet place. Can you imagine how you would feel if people were constantly coming and going while you were resting or playing on your vacation! It would make for a less than enjoyable vacation experience.

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