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Our State of the Art Yard

Fully Enclosed, Heated, Indoor/Outdoor Play Spaces

Artificial Turf is in All our Play Yards

Our Building

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Advanced 24 hour Air Purification system. PetAirapy’s researched, tested, and study-backed UV systems have been shown to kill more than 99.96% of virus and bacterial pathogens.

Our Splash Pad

Our Staff

Let your furry kids vacation be a Unique quiet comfortable experience in The Quiet Comfort of the Mendon Hills where the Antonellis Family lives on site. Their doggie chalet just feet from the main house.The chalet Leaves you with the Feeling of an Italian Bistro in the Hills of San Donato Italy 

The Furry Guests are provided a:

> Temperature controlled sleeping area

> More supervised playtime than anyplace around.

> Raised beds

> Fresh Bedding

> Vaulted ceilings

> Comfortable Dimmable mood lighting and rope lighting surround the sleeping Area

> Fresh Filtered water at all times

> Classical music serenade the guests

> A Big screen TV for Family friendly movies

> The Fresh Air UV System provides clean Air that circulates over Two UV air filters 17 times an hour

> Personal Outdoor Covered Patios to bask in the sun when not in supervised group play

> Daily housekeeping

> Meals prepared twice daily

> Story Time, Treats, biscuits, and Kong treats upon request

> Baths and Spa Baths are available

> Love and personal attention

 Tours are not required, though available.

Email or call to book your furry kids Boarding or Daycare reservations today. Don’t hesitate because rooms book up fast.

Why Tours in Advance or Virtual Tours?

P.A.W.S. is both a Luxury Boarding Facility and working Training Center.

Your Furry Kid is here on a Luxury Boarding Vacation, Doggie Daycare, or enrolled in one of Our Board and Train Programs. Ask yourself, Do I want people walking through and getting my baby riled up and interrupting their vacation at all hours and without notice? Of course, Not

Our main focus is on the wonderful furry guests in our personal care.

To provide tours and promote our Amazing place we temporarily switch our focus and attention to our human visitors and this takes away from the attention and Behavior Training we are providing to our furry guests. It can also make for a less than safe environment to trainers when training. Many other places are focused on trying to get as many people through their doors as possible and that can lead to less than great personal care for the pups. We are a very personal operation and care very much about the furry kids that come to stay with us. Therefore, we want to be sure that they all play together safely, and are happy overnight. Your pups’ vacation or Training Experience with us is meant to be fun, safe, and enjoyable.

We do fill up quickly and many times in advance, so don’t hesitate to book your pups reservation well in advance!

Tours at all hours and all times can be very disruptive to the pups currently Training, napping or playing. This can be very stressful to some pups, very disruptive to the training programs or pose a danger to trainers, and can be OVERLY exciting to other pups, making for a very loud and uncomfortable environment- kind of like your typical kennel situation. Our facility is very comfortable and at most times quiet. We find it best to limit our tour schedule so that we provide the best and healthiest care to both our Training, Doggie Daycare, and our Boarding guests. We do NOT do tours during “Peak Times”, or holidays, or during School Vacation Weeks.

Our Doggie Chalet tends to be a super fun and quiet place. Just imagine how anxious you would feel if people were constantly coming and going while you were resting or playing on your vacation! It would make for a less than enjoyable experience.

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Fax: (508) 478-6391

97 Millville Rd. Mendon, MA 01756

Our Hours

Weekday hours

Morning Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times: 7am-9am

Evening Pick Up Times: 3pm-6pm

Saturday Hours

Morning Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times: 8am-10am

Evening Pick Up Times: 4pm-5pm

Sunday Hours

Evening Pick Up Times: 5pm-6pm


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