Canine Behavior School

Training & Behavior Modification for Family Dogs

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We Love your furry kid and take a Caring, Well Rounded approach to training and Behavior Modification.

Our Canine Foundation Levels allow you to choose from: 

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of training, along with our most popular Doggie Day School Program.

Simply look at what each program offers and together we can decide what’s best for you and your furry kid.

Email us or give us a call today to discuss our options.

*Programs Listed are Subject to Change. Discount Programs or Offers are not Valid for these programs. Separate from The PAWS Bed & Biscuit programs or offers.





Use PayPal to purchase your training package. **PayPal payments incur an additional online payment fee and prices listed below are discounted prices for cash and check payment**

Inquire about which package is best suited for your furry kid before making a purchase. We will then direct you to our secure PayPal checkout page. We will direct you to which training package we will be using for your furry kid. Thanks!

PayPal Credit

PayPal offers flexible financing options through PayPal Credit. You can learn more and apply by clicking the button below. If you are approved, you can use PayPal Credit as your payment option when you are ready to checkout using the PayPal method above. 

Board & Train Policy

Once accepted for a Board & Train program, you will receive an invoice from PAWS for the total Board & Train payment. The full payment is due in order to secure your dog’s reservation. If you would like to Pay with PayPal, the prices listed on our website are discounted for Check and Cash payment, please respond right away so that we can send you a PayPal invoice and link to pay using PayPal.

Cynthia C.

“Had 2 nice loose leash walks with Ellie today. Absolutely unbelievable that she is the same dog who would pull me so hard that I would need someone else hold the leash. Thank you for the incredible training job. I would highly recommend your training services to anyone. Oh and Ellie is 8 years old, you’ve proven you can teach “old dogs” new tricks.”


“Thank you so much for working with Beau and teaching us how to keep up his training. We took him on vacation with us this weekend and he did great. We went to a mall and a brewery and he was so well behaved. This has been the best experience we have ever had with any ouf our dogs. Can’t wait to take him to new places. We are now good dog owners.”


“Would recommend PAWS Bed & Biscuit a thousand times over for dog training!! It has made a huge difference in our Gus and we couldn’t have done it without the expertise of Dan and the entire PAWS staff!”






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Morning Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times: 7am-9am

Evening Pick Up Times: 4pm-6pm

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Your Furry Family member can expect a day rich with exercise and attention. Your pet’s day will be filled with interaction and play with dogs of all ages. Most importantly, our Play Groups are always supervised. 

We are the little guy, a small family operation. Our maximum staff to dog ratio is 1:15.

Our Supervised Daylong Doggie Playgroups are divided to place “Furry Guests” of similar sizes and personalities together. In addition to “down time”,  we provide breed specific attention during playtime. Play groups are staff supervised at ALL TIMES. Safety and fun are TOP priority!  All guests are screened for safety and comfort. We screen new boarding guests before their first boarding date. Please call to schedule your pups interview. Thanks!


  • A full day of exercise and play

  • Loads of loving care and attention

  • Interaction with other dogs to build positive social behavior and increase social skills

  • Increased confidence and agility

  • Custom playgroups divided by play style and size.
  • Lots of personal quality time. We are family here.
  • Stress relief and alleviation of boredom by playing with other dogs

  • Positive reinforcement to promote good behavior and manners.

  • Peace of mind that your dog is safe and happy while you are at work

  • Every dog gets a full day behavioral assessment free of charge.
  • No guilt leaving your dog in the evening while you go out as s/he will be exhausted from a full day of play at Doggie Daycare
  • Baths are discounted for Guests attending DayCare. Applies to DayCare dates only, not boarding dates. Due to the high demand, ALL BATHS MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE. Thanks!

Path to Daycare

Assessments are “Drop off All-Day Play Day”


  • Supervision of Indoor/Outdoor Group Play
  • Positive reinforcement encourages good behavior and manners
  • Swimming in the kiddy pools, or just lounging around in the Hound Playground
  • Nap and Biscuit Break

  • Socialization with other dogs
  • Lots of fun, love, and attention

The physical and mental health of your dog is our top priority. To ensure that all guests are living comfortably, we accept a limited number of dogs.  In addition, we play soft music continuously so your dog has a pleasurable, stress free and FUN stay.

Daycare Schedule

7am-9am: All furry Guests will relax in our individual suites or PLAY IN SMALL GROUPS while waiting for all their Daycare friends to arrive.

9am-4pm: Group playtime with a dedicated daycare attendant assigned to each playgroup. You may bring treats for your furry kid. For growing puppies
under 7 months old, we recommend bringing a lunch. Pups over 7 months old are not feed a lunch when here for Daycare. Also, you can purchase a frozen snack Kong from us or a PAWS Ice cream treat

4pm-6pm: Open play with furry friends until pick up.

Your pup has been running and playing all day. They drink a lot of water when playing so they may have to pee shortly after leaving and have the added potential to drink too much when getting home.

Withhold food and water for 30 minutes and then do not allow them to sit and drink a full bowl of water all at once.

Call us if you have ANY questions or concerns

Daycare Enrollment Requirements

Our staff supervises dogs closely at all times. We encourage good behavior and manners between the dogs. As a result, dogs interact in a highly controlled and managed environment. 

Our play times are always staff supervised. However, dogs do play with their mouths and paws, so nicks and cuts can happen. If your dog gets hurt or sick and we determine a veterinarian is needed, we will call you first. If we can’t get hold of you, we will act in the best interest of your dog. In this case, we pass all fees onto the owner at pick up time.

To ensure the safety of everyone in our Doggie Daycare Center family, the following criteria is required…


We require that all boarding guests be screened for safety and comfort before their stay.

    • Age: We do accept puppies, please email or call to discuss
    • All Female Guests 6 months or older must be spayed. When they begin their first heat cycle (6 months old), they cannot attend. Once they are in heat they will need to be spayed before coming to play.
    • All male pups over 12 months old must be neutered.
    • NO excessive humpers or markers. Excessive humping causes dog fights. We do our best to promote a clean and stress-free play environment for ALL our guests. 


All Guests must be current on the following vaccinations, titers are not accepted: 

  • Vaccinations: All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations, and Veterinary documentation is required prior to the first day of day care and boarding.
  • Rabies -which the law requires
  • Distemper (DHPP)
  • Bordetella (Canine Cough) -every 6 months.
  • If your dog is receiving the Bordetella vaccine for the first time, a minimum grace period of 10 days is required before Boarding or DayCare.
  • We highly recommend both the Canine Influenza vaccine and Leptospirosis vaccines. Check with your veterinarian. 
  • Proof of vaccination prior to the first day of daycare and boarding.

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Fax: (508) 478-6391

97 Millville Rd. Mendon, MA 01756

Our Hours

Weekday hours

Morning Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times: 7am-9am

Evening Pick Up Times: 4pm-6pm

Saturday Hours

Morning Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times: 9am-10am

Evening Pick Up Times: 4pm-5pm

Sunday Hours

Evening Pick Up Times: 5pm-6pm


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To register for boarding/daycare or make a reservation, please CLICK HERE