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6 Tips to Consider When Looking for a Dog Daycare – Our Guide

Choosing the best dog daycare can be challenging, especially when you have a long list of options, and you don’t know where to start. As a reputable dog daycare in Massachusetts, we understand that you only want the best for your dog.

In this article, we rounded up six tips that can guide you in choosing the right daycare for your fluffy little one:

  1. Tour the facilities

To make sure that your dog will enjoy playing in a clean, safe, and properly sanitized environment, ask the dog daycare owner for a tour around the facility. Look out for safety features, such as proper ventilation through open doors, a fresh-air exchange system, solid and durable fences, double gating, and rubber and epoxy floors. It’s also important to confirm whether or not the daycare has safety precautions set in place.

  1. Check if dogs are separated appropriately

While some facilities may have all dogs playing in a single room, a dog daycare that is concerned for the pets under their care typically splits dogs up into different playrooms based on various factors, including size, temperament, and play style. Although your small pup may regularly play with larger breeds at your neighborhood park, it’s essential to keep your furry four-legged buddy as safe as you can while making sure they’re having fun with other dogs.

  1. Make sure the daycare is well-staffed

Be assured knowing that your dog is properly cared for and is given the attention needed by asking for the staff-to-dog ratio of the dog daycare.

Know that there are dog-to-human ratios for dog daycares implemented for some states, so be sure to verify with the owner about possible state guidelines. For instance, some organizations involved in pet daycares recommend a ratio of 15 dogs per staff as a safe standard.

Appropriate adjustments are also often made depending on dog groups. For more active breeds, a ratio of one staff per 10 dogs is desired, while 20 dogs per staffer are considered adequate for less active breeds.

  1. Choose a dog daycare with scheduled activities

When picking a daycare center, ensure that your dog will have lots of freedom and will get to interact and play with other dogs.

Ask the center whether or not there are scheduled activities the dogs will do throughout the day.