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A Checklist for Finding the Perfect Daycare Center for Your Pup

When you are at home with your puppy, you can give it attention and care. After all, a growing dog needs much food, exercise, and mental stimulation, and a clean place to rest when he’s tired from all of that. But when you have to work and can’t spend much time with your pup, you need to make sure their needs are still met even as you are away from home. Dog daycares are perfect for this, but how would you know if you’re choosing the right daycare? Our list of questions will help you decide the perfect canine home away from home.

  1. How clean and secure are the facilities?

Examine the areas for the dogs. You would want to see secure zones for play, ones that are free of electrical cords or other hazards. If possible, look at the toys and see if these are broken or have very small parts.

If possible, the temperature should be regulated, and there should be enough staff to keep the dogs safe. Sometimes, especially with younger dogs, roughhousing can get too lively, and having staff on hand who can intervene is important.

  1. Will my pup have a variety of activities?

A comprehensive doggy daycare center will have spaces for indoor and outdoor play for a range of breeds. Having water-based activities, a nap and break time, and socialization with other dogs is also ideal.

You would want to check the number of dogs allowed per stay, as the more dogs there are, the less individualized attention your pup will receive. You would want to have him stay with a place that monitors the number of dogs they accept.

  1. What training has the staff received?

Determine if the staff is knowledgable in canine temperament tests, and ask them how they sort the dogs into playgroups. The staff should know how to read canine body language and assess the level of danger a dog poses to others. They should also know how to respond to emergencies and perform first aid when necessary. Well-prepared doggy daycares will have a routine in place for disasters and will know how to contact you in case of emergencies.

  1. What lines of communication are there?

In case you’re letting your puppy stay for an extended period of time, your doggy daycare center would be clear on how you may keep tabs on your furry family member. See if they will do weekly or monthly reports, or if they can set up a remote webcam. You should also check their facilities for long-term pet boarding. Make sure their facilities are equipped with sufficient bedding and will keep your dog warm. Ask them about the kind of cleaning procedures they have in place for sleeping quarters.

In conclusion

Being separated from your furry friend is hard enough as is, so spare yourself from worrying about whether he is getting the care and comfort that he needs. A well-prepared doggy daycare center will have a good balance of comfort and excitement for your puppy, a necessity for a growing dog. Find a place that can take care of your puppy’s basic needs, as well as give them the chance to make friendships with other dogs.

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