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Dog Training – Effective Tips & Tricks to Teach Your Dog to Avoid Barking

It can be quite challenging to deal with dogs and their incessant barking habits. While they can often bark as a way of communicating, too much of it can affect you, and possibly the people around you too.

Other reasons for a dog’s uncontrollable barking include becoming territorial, sounding an alarm, asking for attention, doing it as a way of greeting, and feeling frustrated. While a dog’s barking is natural, if you can determine the other causes that provoked it, then you can quickly find a way to manage it correctly.

Part of successful dog training is keeping them from initiating unnecessary barking behavior, so that they won’t go up to other dogs or people and bark at them, causing them to be afraid of your pet. Keep reading below to find out some ways to train your dog and control their consistent barking habits.

Try a Desensitization Method

The first step to keeping your dog from barking is to determine the cause of their unruly behavior. They could be barking at your neighbors who come by your house every day, or your friends who tend to visit you on weekends. If that’s the situation, then it will help if you try to desensitize your dog calmly.

Knowing the schedule of when they start barking can help you prepare for the situation better. When your neighbor is about to pass by your home, it’s essential to stay with your dog and wait. As soon as they come into view, try giving your dog a treat and talking to them pleasantly to calm them down.

Every time your neighbor inches forward and your dog doesn’t react, reward them. The moment they bark, stop giving them treats. It’s crucial to repeat the process until your dog gets used to it and stops barking at people completely.

Initiate Specific Commands

Providing a set of commands always works for dogs who undergo the best dog training services. The same goes for controlling their extreme barking. You can present your authority over them by looking at them a certain way or offering a sound or gesture until your dog faithfully submits and stops barking.

It would help to be persistent and composed when you try to initiate your look or command, repeating it until your dog understands what you want them to do. If that doesn’t work, then you can also try to work backward by training your dog to bark on command. Giving your dog treats can encourage them to bark only on cue—which can work to avoid them from barking out of cue too!

Eliminate the Root of the Problem

If a dog barks at what they see outside, whether it involves dogs, squirrels, or cats, then it will help to block your dog’s vision by closing your curtains to prevent them from being provoked to bark. Since they can’t see anything, then they won’t be tempted to react by their instincts.

Besides that, if your dog won’t stop barking due to the array of sounds they can hear, then you can try to cover up the sounds by playing music or turning on your electric fan. It can help soothe your dog and drown out the outdoor noises, keeping your dog calm and composed, eliminating its barking compulsion.


Training your dog to stop barking unnecessarily takes time and patience. As long as you remember to try various methods like desensitization, teaching them specific commands, or eliminating the root of the problem, it’s possible to get them to stop barking in time. Make sure that throughout the entire process, you are creating a safe space for them to trust you without requiring the use of punishment and other harmful ways of training your dog.

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