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Dog Training – Learning to Speak Your Dog’s Language

Dogs, by default, are extremely interested in everything around them. If you own a dog, you probably have stories of cute reactions to new people, other animals, or phenomena like rain and snow. They are easily amused and excitable, which makes them a joy to watch.

Sometimes, however, these same traits make them a nuisance. They might bark incessantly at strangers, for example, or excessively mark their territory when feeling anxious. In cases like these, you will benefit from getting a dog trainer to help you.

If you haven’t considered it, here are four reasons you should send your dog to a training program:

  1. They learn how to live with others

A trained dog will not jump and bark at every new person or animal that passes them. They get used to others and learn to read cues, which are important when socializing with puppies. Young dogs are quick to panic and teaching them to not be bothered by every frog, squirrel, or neighbor is crucial in keeping a peaceful home.

In addition, if you have a sociable dog, you can bring them with you wherever pets are allowed. You can also leave them with other people for weeks on end, which is important if you have to go on an extended out-of-town trip.

  1. They are less likely to be disobedient

Trained dogs can sit and they can walk on a leash without pulling, which can seem like party tricks, but is important in animal safety. If they are trained to respond to your voice, you can keep them out of harm’s way. For example, you can call them out to keep them from falling off a cliff, or from chasing people at the park.

Training can also give your pets the attention and stimulation that they need. Often, dogs with behavioral issues are just seeking attention from their owners. Because you need to be around for obedience training, you get to bond with your dog, keeping them happy.

  1. They learn how to channel their energy productively

Dogs need constant physical activity. They can run around for hours, or play with a toy for an entire morning. Sometimes, they may ruin furniture or items that you deem as precious, such as decorative rugs or a favorite pair of shoes. When you have your dog go through a training program, you give them concrete activities to learn how to channel all of their energy.

This would fill their day, and prevent them from looking for something to do. Training helps you keep an orderly house because your dog will be so busy with their tasks that they would not want to tear your things up.

  1. Trainers help you understand your dog better

It would be perfect if you could speak directly to dogs. However, the reality is that you have to rely on your non-verbal communication and tone of voice. You can spend years informally training your dog to respond to your shifts in tone, or you can go through a structured program that would help convey what you want in a short time.

This learning is not only confined to your dog. You also learn to read your pet’s reactions better when you go for dog training. As a pet owner, you need to learn your dog’s behavior patterns, because communication is a two-way process.


A well-trained dog is a better companion overall. When you go for a dog training program, you open yourself to getting to know your furry friend more, and vice versa. You get to tell them what you want, and they are better able to show you how they feel.

At Paws Bed & Biscuit, we offer dog training services in Mendon, MA. We have modern training techniques that are guaranteed to help you communicate better with your dog. We provide one-on-one training, at-home consultations, and board and train programs. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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