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The Most Effective Way You Can Housetrain Your New Puppy

There is an old saying that goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Reality is, dogs can actually be housetrained no matter how old they are. However, puppies learn way faster than adult dogs do.

Dog training should start early so that accidents don’t happen because while puppies are cute enough to get away with it, adult-size poop presents a much bigger problem. A little patience goes a long way when housetraining puppies, and it can take some trial and error.

After every meal, nap, and playtime, your puppy will need a bathroom break. Most dogs eat several times a day, depending on their age and breed. One of the best ways to prevent accidents is to anticipate when the puppy will need to take a break.

Here is the most effective way you can housetrain your new puppy.

Make a Schedule

Keep track of your puppy’s activity level, age, and mealtimes. This is what you should base the potty breaks on. Puppies have a limited capacity to “hold it” and a baby-sized bladder to go with it. A 2-month-old puppy will generally need a break every 2 hours, and at 3 months, roughly every 4 hours should do it.

There can be some variation between breeds since toy breeds have a bit less capacity and giant and large breeds have a bit more. In general, you can expect pups that are 4 months old to wait 5 hours, 5 months old will wait roughly six hours, and then 7-month-old puppies are generally able to wait8 hours.

Set a Place

Scent cues are largely what dogs rely on so they can remember what to expect. Take your puppy to the same place every time. That could be anything from an indoor spot with a doggy litter box, newspaper, or pee pads. It can also be an outdoor area, like a spot in your backyard or garden.

Stay Focused

Your best bet is to keep the puppy on a leash until he or she is productive. Otherwise, playtime will become the focus, and an accident could occur down the line. As part of the reward, take off the leash for playtime.

Establish a Term

As soon as the dog squats, identify the action with a set cue word. Name the deed and make sure everyone in your family uses the same cue word to maintain consistency. As soon as the deed is successful, reward him or her with lots of praise and a tiny treat, along with some playtime.

Keep It Clean

After an accident, use an odor neutralizer so that puppies will not be lured back to the area by certain smells.


The best dog training is done with a lot of effort and patience over a dedicated period of time. It is incredibly important to make sure that he or she does not feel threatened or scared, though. The right amount of love and balance will always pay off and ensure a lifelong friendship between dog and owner.

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